Call for Proposal: Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD) GIA Program/Project (2025 Funding)

Deadline: March 31, 2023

Priority areas

Mango šŸ„­

– Development of a system/model for proper scheduling mango production

– Mitigate losses brought about by unfavorable/adverse weather conditions and result in higher productivity and quality of mango

Coffee ā˜•ļø

– Surveillance and management of coffee pests and diseases using smart tools and techniques

– Climate-smart coffee production and processing

Sugarcane šŸŒ±

– Field verification and adaptability trials of improved crop varieties

– Optimization of nutrient management strategies

– Optimization of water management strategies

– Mechanization of sugarcane production operations

Management of Economically Important Emerging Pests šŸ¦—

– Development/ optimization of S&T-based management strategies to reduce the significant losses caused by emerging insect pests and diseases in priority crops

Smart water management for high value crops šŸŖ“

– Smart water management for high value crops

Animal Feed Resources Enhancement šŸ“

– Smart water management for high value crops

– Evaluation of the nutritive value of forage crops and crop by-products to livestock and poultry

– Forage and crop by-product processing and preservation technology development

– Enhancement of nutritive value of feed materials thru fermentation and other feed treatment processes

– Identification and production of microbial starter cultures for forage and crop by-products fermentation

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