Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Oral/Poster Presentation


  1. Has served UP Manila as faculty for 2 years or more for international conferences and at least one year for local and foreign conferences held in the Philippines. For faculty, they can be full time, part time with or without tenure; Clinical faculty without compensation; or lecturer who have been teaching for the last 5 years, carrying 6 units per semester and is not appointed as regular faculty because of lack of items.
  2. Affiliation with UP Manila reflected in the communication, invitation and abstract for presentation.
  3. Faculty is not teaching in other schools/university without Memorandum of Agreement.
  4. If previous recipient of grant, faculty/university researcher has submitted reports and receipts, has submitted for publication/has published paper and has shown proof that they have echoed what was learned to colleagues in the unit/department.


  • Faculty can avail of grant only once a year for conferences, subject to availability of funds.
  • The grant covers the full or partial amount of round trip airfare (economy fare, most economical cost), conference registration fee and hotel accommodation. The total amount of funding support will vary and depend on the location of the event.


  1. Letter of invitation which reflects acceptance of paper, all entitlements and affiliation with UP Manila
  2. Registration of research/study with the Research Grants and Administration Office (RGAO)
  3. Ethics approval of research protocol from the UP Manila Research Ethics Board (UPM-REB) for researches involving human participant
  4. Approval of research/study from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR)
  5. Abstract which reflects affiliation with UP Manila
  6. Poster presentation shall include “Poster Guidelines” which reflects that there are activities in addition to just posting the posters (i.e. presentation during poster visitations times, mini-presentation with discussion)
  7. Other source of funds for conferences is strongly encouraged and should be declared
  8. Document which reflects the cost of registration
  9. Application form endorsed by Chair and Dean/or by Institute Director and NIH Executive Director for Research faculty

Note: Application should be done at least one month prior to activity

 Application Process:

Step 1: Send a copy of the research abstract and invitation letter via email (rgao@post.up.edu.ph).

Step 2: Register original research where the article was based at http://rgao.upm.edu.ph/registration

Step 3: RISU will pre-fill application forms.

Step 4: Copy of the form will be sent to you for your review and signature.

Step 5: Return forms together with the necessary attachments at RGAO Rm. 111 NIH building or contact RGAO for pickup of the said documents.

Step 6: RISU will have forms signed by department chair/institute director for first endorsement.

Step 7: RISU will have forms signed by department chair/institute director for second endorsement.

Step 8: RISU will send the forms together with the necessary attachments to OVCAA for evaluation

Step 9: RISU will monitor progress of application and update author.

Step 10: RISU will notify author once approved.

Grant Release: NO checks will be issued as the grant will be directly credited to the grantee’s account

 Responsibilities after Fund-Grant:

Faculty Member who has received the grant shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Submission of report, including receipts, copy of program, abstract as printed in program and copy of poster/powerpoint with name of presentor and title
  2. Liquidation of expenses (include a copy of the approved actual itinerary of travel, a copy of the certificate of attendance, official receipts, flight itinerary/e-tickets, boarding pass, boat or bus ticket, terminal fee)
  3. Publication of paper
  4. Echo to unit/department