Description & Eligibility

The  NIH-UPM Research Grant is open to all UP Manila regular faculty and researchers who implement research that are primarily consistent with the UP Manila research priorities, which are based on the National Unified Health Research Agenda (NUHRA) 2017-2022.

In cases where an applicant for this grant is a trainee (i.e. resident or fellow in-training), s/he must conduct the study as a co-investigator and request a consultant staff or faculty from the same service/department/academic unit to assume the role of the principal investigator.

Amount Provided

  • Up to Php 300,000.00 per recipient shall be provided to cover for Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) and personnel honoraria.
  • The number of grants to be provided each year shall be dependent on the amount allotted by UP Manila for research.
  • Only one project per proponent will be funded per year.

Call for Proposals

The Research Grants Administration Office (RGAO) issues a public call for full proposals by the 2nd week of January of each year. The call is disseminated by sending letters to respective deans of colleges and chairs of academic units within and outside the University of the Philippines. The call for proposals shall also be uploaded in the UP Manila – NIH website.

The following are the required documents to be submitted through RGAO- GAPDU:

  • Full proposal (hard copy and softcopy);
  • Research Proposal Form using the prescribed form (Form 3.1 (A) 2010 Research Project Proposal Format), which may be requested from Grants Application and Protocol Development Unit (GAPDU), Research Grants Administration Office (RGAO), UP Manila.
  • Endorsement letter from the unit head, institute director, department chair, or dean of the academic unit; and
  • One-page curriculum vitae of the proponents.

The deadline for submission of the proposal is set on April 30 of the same year that the call for proposals is made public.

Processing of submitted proposals

  • Upon submission of proposals, RGAO-GAPDU checks for completeness including budgetary requirements and registration with RGAO.
  • If not yet registered, RGAO-GAPDU sends instructions to the proponent on how to register their researches as well as the process for submission to the UP Manila Ethics Review Board (UPMREB) for ethical review if applicable.
  • Complete submissions shall be endorsed by RGAO-GAPDU to the NIH-UPM Scientific Review Council (SRC) Secretariat for evaluation.


Proposals shall be evaluated based on relevance and scientific merit subject to appropriate ethical clearance. Please refer to the NIH-UPM Scientific Review Council (SRC) review process.

 Scientific merit and relevance pertains to the following contents:

  • Merit
    • Objectives and methods are sound and feasible.
    • Plan for data analysis is appropriate for the design.
    • Proposal is achievable within the target time frame.
  • Relevance
    • Potential product, intellectul property, or impact to policy and practice.
    • Innovativeness.
    • Benefits to target population.
    • Significance of proposal, in reference to NUHRA 2017-2022.

Output One scientific publication one year after completion of the study is required.

Recent Call for Proposal: