UPM Research Ethics Board (UPM-REB)

The University of the Philippines Manila Research Ethics Board (UPMREB) was created on September 27, 2010 to integrate all existing ethics committees in UP Manila under a single research ethics board with component review panels, and guided by a unified set of standard operating procedures (SOPs). This initiative was intended to streamline and harmonize the process of ethics review, maximize the utilization of human and institutional resources, and provide a supportive and enabling environment for research in the university. Its oversight applies to faculty, personnel, and students doing research in UP Manila; non-UP Manila researchers doing research in UP Manila; and non-UP Manila researchers doing research in non-UP Manila sites with no local ethics review committee (as mandated by the Philippine Health Research Ethics Board).

UPMREB Submission of Protocol

  1. Request for an iREB account at https://ireb.upm.edu.ph/account/request. UPMREB will approve the request after One (1) working day so you can access your iREB account.
  2. Log in to iREB at https://ireb.upm.edu.ph/login, complete the online forms and upload all the required documents in PDF format. Updated versions of UPMREB forms are downloadable at http://reb.upm.edu.ph/sops-and-forms (see SOP II).
  3. Wait for UPMREB’s notification before submitting the printed copies. UPMREB will screen your submission.  They will notify you through e-mail to either submit the hard copies of your documents or address screening issues.
  4. Submit four (4) complete sets of printed copies of the required forms and basic documents to UPMREB at Room 126, NIH Bldg., UP Manila.
    • The last 2 pages of UPMREB Form 2(B) should bear original signatures.
    • UPMREB is accepting submissions for initial review during Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:00AM-12:00NN and 1:00-3:00PM ONLY

You may refer to UPMREB’s website at http://reb.upm.edu.ph/ for detailed information on the submission process, cut-off dates, review status, etc.  For inquiries, you may also contact UPMREB at +623 526 4346 or through upmreb@post.upm.edu.ph.

Memorandum CCDP-2016-081 New UPMREB Fees