Call for Proposals for the 2023 Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Research Agenda – Batch 2 and 2024 HTA Research Agenda – Batch 1

The priority topics include the following projects:

HTA Methods Guide for assessing health technologies classified as Medical and Surgical Procedures Updating of the Discount Rate for HTA Philippines Reference Case for Economic Evaluations Exploratory Study on Setting Cost Effectiveness Threshold for HTA in the Philippines

Health Technology Assessment of the following HTA priority topics for Inclusion in the Philippine National Formulary:

  • Brexpiprazole for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)
  • Vortioxetine for MDD
  • Paroxetine for MDDd. Paroxetine for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The objectives of these projects can be seen in Annex A. Also attached herewith are the guidelines for your perusal.

Should you be interested to submit a capsule proposal for projects 1-3, please let HTA know on or before 13 May 2024 (Monday) through our official HTA Research email address,

Your submission of the capsule proposal will then be anticipated until 17 May 2024 (Friday).

Meanwhile, for Project 4, you may submit your proposals to the link provided above on or before 27 April 2024. For questions or concerns, you may contact the HTA through

See the attached files for more details.