Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs Research Dissemination Grant 

Call for applications: 

  1. The call for applications is quarterly.
  2. Duly endorsed applications (in hard copy) should be submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs during the following application periods only:

February 10-15, May 10-15, Aug 10-15 and Nov 10-15

  1. No application will be received prior to or after the scheduled application period.
  2. All applications for each quarter will be evaluated and results will be released two (2) weeks after the deadline of each application period.


  1. For junior faculty (instructors, assistant professors) /REPS (university researchers/associates 1 and 2) the paper for oral or poster presentation should be related to a completed or on-going research with publishable results.
  2. For senior faculty (associate and full professors) /and senior REPS (university researchers 3 and 4) the paper for oral or poster presentation should include results from the applicant’s research recently published in an ISI-listed journal or equivalent.

Amount of grant:

 The amount of the grant is fixed based on the location of the international conference:

  1. P25,000 for Asia (excluding South Asia) and the Pacific Islands
  2. P45,000 for North and South America, Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East, Australia and India


The application must include the following as attachments:

  1. Official invitation or acceptance letter from the conference organizers which indicates the title
  2. of the invited lecture or accepted paper
  3. Official information about the conference and organizers (i.e., track record; publication)
  4. Abstract of the paper (For senior faculty/REPS, this must include the citation of the applicant’s
  5. recently published research in an ISI-listed publication or its equivalent.)
  6. Applications must be submitted to the OVPAA within the designated application period
  7. The applicant should ensure completeness of the document. All applications received within
  8. the application period will be evaluated as submitted.

 Application Process:

Step 1: Send a copy of the research abstract and invitation letter via email (rgao@post.up.edu.ph).

Step 2: Register original research where the article was based at http://rgao.upm.edu.ph/registration

Step 3: RISU will pre-fill application forms.

Step 4: Hard copy of forms will be sent to you for your signature.

Step 5: Return forms together with the necessary attachments at RGAO Rm. 109 NIH building or contact RGAO for pickup of the said documents.

Step 6: RISU will have forms signed by department chair/institute director for first endorsement.

Step 7: RISU will have forms signed by department chair/institute director for second endorsement.

Step 8: RISU will have forms signed by the Vice Chancellor for Research for third endorsement

Step 9: RISU will have forms signed by the Chancellor for final endorsement

Step 10: RISU will send the forms together with the necessary attachments to OVCAA for evaluation

Step 11: RISU will monitor progress of application and update author.

Notification of results of the application is two (2) weeks after the deadline of each application

period and will be sent to the applicants by e-mail.

Step 12: RISU will notify author once approved.

Disbursement of funds:

  1. The award will be formalized with the signing of a conformé form by the grantee.
  2. The grantee is advised to prepare to advance funds for the conference in case the grant from the university is not made available in time for his/her departure (for cases where the conference date is close to the date of grant notification and processing).

 Responsibilities after Fund-Grant:

The grantee is required to submit a concise report, to include the following:

  1. write-up about the conference
  2. photocopy of the cover of the conference book, conference program and abstract of the presented paper feedback on paper presented
  3. future directions of research presented
  4. potential foreign collaborators
  5. other important contacts and insights
  6. photos of the conference
  7. short write-up of one’s participation (to be used to feature/publicize the grantee’s participation in the conference)

The report should be submitted to the OVPAA within one (1) month after the conference. An electronic copy of the report (MS Word format) should be emailed to upsystem.rdg@gmail.com.