Description & Eligibility

  • Open to all undergraduate, medical, and master’s students without any scholarship. This grant will serve as Thesis Subsidy.
  • The student/s must conduct the study as a co-investigator/s and the consultant adviser must assume the role of the principal investigator.
  • The Thesis Adviser, Department Chair and Dean must endorse the application and submission of requirements. The Thesis Adviser will be responsible for financial disbursements and liquidation of funds.

Amount Provided

  • Up to Php 40,000.00 per project shall be provided to cover for the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE).
  • A maximum of two (2) projects per consultant adviser will be funded per year.

Call for Proposals

The Research Grants Administration Office (RGAO) issues a public call for thesis proposals by the 3rd and 4th quarter of each year. The following are the required documents to be submitted through RGAO- GAPDU:

  • Full thesis proposal (hard copy and soft copy)
  • Certificate of Thesis Panel Approval
  • Endorsement letter from the Thesis Adviser, Department Chair, or Dean of the academic unit; and
  • One-page curriculum vitae of the proponents.

Processing of submitted proposals

  • Upon submission of proposals, RGAO-GAPDU checks for completeness including budgetary requirements and registration with RGAO.
  • If not yet registered, RGAO-GAPDU sends instructions to the proponent on how to register their researches as well as the process for submission to the UP Manila Ethics Review Board (UPMREB) for ethical review if applicable.
  • Complete submissions shall be endorsed by RGAO-GAPDU to the NIH-UPM Scientific Review Council (SRC) Secretariat for evaluation.


Proposals shall be evaluated based on relevance and scientific merit subject to appropriate ethical clearance. Please refer to the NIH-UPM Scientific Review Council (SRC) review process.

Output Scientific publication is highly encouraged for thesis/research subsidy grantees, albeit not required.

Recent Call for Proposal: