Publication Award

International Publication Award for International/National Peer-reviewed Non ISI Journal


  1. UP Manila faculty/university researcher. For faculty, they can be full time, part time with or without tenure;
  2. Clinical faculty without compensation; or lecturer who have been teaching for the last 5 years, carrying 6 units per semester and is not appointed as regular faculty because of lack of items
  3. Faculty not teaching in school/university without Memorandum of Agreement
  4. Affiliation with UP Manila reflected in the journal article.


  1. Copy of the journal article reflecting affiliation with UP Manila and a page which indicates that the journal is international/national and peer-reviewed
  2. For local journals, there should be submission of document on peer review process and example of how the paper submitted was peer-reviewed
  3. There is no limit as to number of articles per year, subject to availability of funds
  4. To be processed are original, review, case reports, full text of oral presentations and advocacy articles published during the last two years (e. years 2013 to 2014 for those who will apply for 2014).
  5. Registration of research/study with the RGAO.
  6. Ethics approval of research protocol from the UPM-REB for researches involving human participants

In the case of co-authorship, the award shall be divided as follows:

Primary Author – 50% of the total monetary award

Co-author/s – 50% divided equally among the number of co-authors, local and foreign. Only UP-affiliated authors eligible for the award shall receive it, provided the article is published while they are on active service or before their retirement or resignation from the University.

Application Process for IPA (author):

Step 1: Register your publication with RGAO at

Step 2: Email a copy of the journal article at

Step 3: RGAO will email the pre-filled application form.

Step 4: Email signed application form in pdf file format.

Step 5: RGAO will forward printed copy to the department for the Department Chair’s endorsement.

Step 6: Department will forward it to the Dean/Executive Director for second endorsement.

Step 7: College Unit will submit it to OVCAA.

Step 8: RGAO will monitor the application and notify applicant once approved.

Grant Release:  Check will be addressed to faculty involved. The currency of funds to be given will be in Philippine Peso. 100 % of approved award