Publication Fee Grant

For what is it given?

Faculty/research faculty whose original research articles have been accepted for publication in Thomson Reuters (formerly ISI) or Scopus-indexed journals requiring payment of publication fee


  • Only one (1) Publication Fee will be given to a publication/journal article with multiple authors
  • The maximum publication fee given is US$500.


  1. Duly accomplished application form endorsed by the Department Chair and Dean or by the Institute Director and NIH Executive Director, as applicable
  2. Acceptance letter for publication from the journal indicating the amount charged for the publication fee
  3. Proof that the journal is peer-reviewed and/or Thomson Reuters (formerly ISI) or Scopus-indexed
  4. Copy of the proposed article reflecting UP Manila as the author’s affiliation
  5. Certificate of Registration of research/study from the Research Grants and Administration Office (RGAO)/Approval of research/study from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR).
  6. Ethics approval of research protocol from the UP Manila Research Ethics Board (UPM- REB) for research involving human participants (e.g. human data, material, biospecimen) and that are for future publication.

Application process:

Step 1: Register the original research from which the publication was based with RGAO at

Step 2: Email the required attachments at

Step 3: RGAO will email the pre-filled application form

Step 4: Email signed application form in pdf file format

Step 5: RGAO will forward a printed copy to the department for the Department Chair’s endorsement

Step 6: The department will forward it to the Dean/Executive Director for a second endorsement

Step 7: The College Unit will submit it to OVCAA

Step 8: RGAO will monitor the application and notify the applicant once it is approved.

Grant Release: 

  • NO checks will be issued as the grant will be directly credited to the grantee’s account. The currency of funds to be given will be in Philippine Peso.