OVPAA IPA for Book/Chapter of Books

(as approved at the 1137th BOR Meeting on 25 November 1999, and amended at the 1272nd BOR Meeting on 25 August 2011, 1282nd BOR Meeting on 20 September 2012, 1288th BOR Meeting on 20 June 2013, 1297th BOR Meeting on 28 March 2014 and 1316th BOR Meeting on 31 March 2016)


Like the award for journal articles, this award aims to reinforce scholarly publications by faculty, REPS and students and project the University in the global community of academic institutions.


  1. Regular faculty, including those on sabbatical and secondment to other agencies, REPS in active service, clinical faculty, emeritus professors and students are eligible for the award.
  2. A UP unit (institute, department, center, etc.) indicated as the affiliate institution of the author(s) shall receive an IPA apart from the IPA for authors.

Scope of Award 

Only books or chapters of books published by recognized international academic book publishers, prestigious university presses and other highly regarded international publishers found in the SENSE Ranking of Academic Publishers (link) shall receive an award.
Rank A: Refereed book publications published by the world’s top publishers
Rank B: Refereed book publications published by the world’s semi-top publishers
Rank C: Refereed book publications published by other publishers

Value of Award 

  1. Sole authors of books or book chapters that meet the standards set in these guidelines shall receive an award based on the following SENSE Ranking of Academic Publishers.

Rank A

Book: P135,000

Book chapter: 80,000

Rank B

Book: P120,000

Book chapter: 65,000

Rank C

Book: P110,000

Book chapter: 55,000

  1. In the case of co-authorship, the award shall be divided equally among the number of authors, local and foreign. Only UP-affiliated authors eligible for the award shall receive it, provided the article is published while they are on active service or before their retirement or resignation from the University.
  2. The IPA per publication for UP units is P15,000. Each UP affiliate unit will receive a pro-rated share of the IPA equal to P15,000 multiplied by the number of authors affiliated with the UP unit divided by the total number of authors.


  1. The author(s) must clearly be identified as belonging to UP. If the article was produced while on sabbatical abroad or as a result of a joint project with foreign scholars, proper acknowledgement must be given the foreign institution that accommodated the faculty or supported the project; the UP address/affiliation of the author(s) must nonetheless be indicated in the publication as a byline).
  2. The article must fall within the discipline or related field of the author. For example, a work of poetry shall not be entertained if authored by faculty or REPS outside the field of creative writing, unless there is sufficient proof of prior recognition of the author as a serious practitioner in the field of creative writing as determined by the VPAA, upon consultation with known literary figures.
  3. The article must be a complete, solid piece of research or creative work. If one’s work (e.g. poem) is included or cited in an article authored by another, the cited portion shall not qualify for the award. In addition, certain articles (e.g. tribute/testimonial to a known figure, book review, letter to the editor, editorial, commentary) shall not qualify. The VPAA shall evaluate all articles as to their eligibility.
  4. Authors eligible for the award may receive it as often as they publish. However, an article may be awarded only once.
  5. An article for which an IPA was granted shall not qualify again for an IPA if it appears as a chapter in a book published by a reputable international publisher. However, if an article for which the author was awarded an IPA is subsequently developed by an author into a book that is published by a reputable international publisher, the author may be eligible for an IPA in the book category.

Application Process

Step 1: Register the original research from which the paper was based with RGAO at http://rgao.upm.edu.ph/registration

Step 2: Email a copy of the book/book chapter with the required attachment stated in the guidelines at shbolante@up.edu.ph

Step 3: RGAO will email the pre-filled application form

Step 4: Email accomplished word file copy of application form 4.2 and signed application form 4.1 (in pdf file format)

Step 5: RGAO will forward application form to the department for the Department Chair’s endorsement

Step 6: RGAO will forward application form to OVCR for second endorsement

Step 7: RGAO will submit signed form to OVPAA through email and will copy furnish you in the email submission.

Step 8: RGAO will monitor the application and notify you once awarded.

Public dissemination of UP’s international publications
1.  The abstracts of all IPA publications will be posted in the OVPAA website (ovpaa.up.edu.ph).
2. The author(s) is/are required to submit a popular article about the publication. The popular article (laymanized description of the research) will be featured in the OVPAA website and used as part of UP’s accomplishments for public dissemination.

The increased rates mentioned in Items 4.2 to 4.6 are applicable to journal articles published on
1 April 2016 and onwards.

Grant Release:  

Check will be addressed to faculty involved. The currency of funds to be given will be in Philippine Peso. 100% upon approval