Payment of Staff

Process of payment of salary or honorarium of project based staff.

Requirements for the processing of payment of project staff:

  1. Checklist of documents required for payment of salaries for project based staff
  2. Line-Item Budget
  3. Originally signed Certificate of Service (COS)
  4. Originally signed Accomplishment report
  5. Photocopy of Project Contract Form
  6. Photocopy of DBP ATM cards (for first salary)

Deadline for submission of above-mentioned requirements:

22nd day of the month for the 1st half & 6th day of the month for the 2nd half; or the previous working day if such dates fall on a Saturday/Sunday/holiday.


EMCDP Memo on Payment Schedule of Salaries and Honoraria for Project-Based Staff

Memo. No. CCDP-2017-128 Payment Schedule of Salaries for Project Based Staff

Downloadable Forms