Month: April 2023

Postponement on the submission of proposals for the Enhanced Creative Work and Research Grant (ECWRG)

The Research Grant-Creative Work and Scholarship Fund (RG-CWSF) was institutionalized in 1999 to raise the level and quality of scholarly and creative work by our faculty and REPS. Under this initiative, the Creative Work and Research Grant (CWRG) – now referred to as the Enhanced Creative Work and Research Grant (ECWRG) – was subsequently established. The ECWRG aims to encourage faculty and REPS to undertake research that will lead to publications or exhibitions or performances of creative work or other significant output such as patents, new software, and advanced technologies.

Since the approval of the ECWRG guidelines by the Board of Regents in its 1299th Meeting on 31 July 2014, the program has been continuously implemented under the same guidelines and has supported almost 400 faculty members and REPS in their research endeavors. While we continue to acknowledge the support of this program to faculty and researchers, the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs mandates a program review to assess its outcomes after more than ten years of its implementation.

As agreed upon by the System Academic Affairs Committee on 10 March 2023, we are hereby postponing the call for proposals for 2023 ECWRG Cycle 1 while the program review is being conducted. We will issue a memorandum once the program review has been completed, along with the necessary updates or revisions to the guidelines and timelines, if any.

Thank you for your usual cooperation.