Administrative Overhead Cost

Administrative Overhead Costs (AOC), also known as Indirect Costs or Institutional Fees, are overhead expenses incurred by the University for accounting and bookkeeping, personnel support services, maintenance of facilities, utilities, etc. which are not provided for in the itemized budget of a research project/program. These are indirect costs of a research project/program borne by external funding agencies. The AOC is computed as a percentage of the budget and collected as a percentage of each tranche, according to the following table:

Funding Source Total Budget Percentage
Government Agency/Industry < P 100,000.00 At least 5%
Government Agency/Industry P 100,000.01 – P 200,000.00 At least 7%
Government Agency > P 200,000.00 At least 7.5%
Industry > P 200,000.00 At least 15%