Payment of Bond Premium

Last update as of 23 April 2021

  1. Prepare the following requirements:
    • General Form 57(A) – 3 copies (1 original, 2 photocopies)
    • General Form 58(A) – 3 copies (1 original, 2 photocopies)
    • List of Accountable Public Officers (for new applicants)
    • List of Bonded Officers (for renewal)
    • Certificate of No Pending Case (requested through UIS of the person to be designated)
    • Copy of the Administrative Order for designation as SDO
  2. The unit will pay the fidelity bond that corresponds to the amount of the cash accountability directly to the Bureau of Treasury, located at Soriano Ave., Intramuros, Manila (see Revised Schedule of Premium Rates below).
  3. Once bond has been paid, the Researcher will receive a Confirmation Letter containing the name of the SDO, the Risk Number, Approved Amount of Bond and Effective Date. This document is attached to all subsequent requests for cash advance.
  4. Once the bond has been paid, the Researcher can now request for a cash advance equal to the amount of his/her cash accountability.

UPDATE: SALN is no longer required for Fidelity Bonding Application (Reference: Click here)

The bond needs to be renewed yearly, before the date of its anniversary, otherwise the bond is automatically cancelled.

Fig. 1 Revised Schedule of Premium Rates
Fig. 2 Revised Procedural Guidelines on Online Fidelity Bonding Application
Fig. 3 Contact Details of Officers-In-Charge per Area

Please be informed that the official email accounts of Ms. Violeta P. Chavez & Mr. Francis Kevin D. Garcia will be deactivated effective 01 January 2021.

All accountable officials & employees in Manila, San Juan & Mandaluyong areas are advised to submit their applications including scanned copies of required supporting documents for Fidelity Bonding, request for MDS Check Re-Order & Certification of Deposits & Collections, & Opening/Transfer of Bank Accounts to Ms. Lourdes S. Tating at

All are encouraged to regularly check the following channels for updates/advisories:

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