OIL Travel Grant for International Conference

Office of International Linkages Paper Presentation in International Conference Grant


  • UP Graduate Students1 i.e. Master’s/PhD2 (Faculty, REPS and Administrative Staff)

Coverage of the Grant:

  • The amount of the grant is fixed based on the location of the international conference.
    1. 40,000 Southeast Asian Countries
    2. 80,000 for USA/European Countries

Applicants are encouraged to apply for waiver of registration fee and obtain counterpart funding from other sources e.g. Constituent Unit (CU) funding, etc.

Applications must be submitted during the scheduled submission period below. The OIL/OVPAA will process the application based on merit and availability of funds.


The following documents should be submitted with the application:
Attachment 1: Abstract of the paper (For Faculty/REPS, include the citation of a recent research in an ISI-listed publication or its equivalent)
Attachment 2: Applicant’s 2-page curriculum vitae (For Faculty/Graduate Student, include copy of Form 5 or a certification that you are enrolled on the period of travel)
Attachment 3: Official invitation or acceptance letter from the conference, which indicates the title of the invited lecture or accepted paper
Attachment 4: Information about the conference
Attachment 4a: Conference Announcement
Attachment 4b: History and Track Record (i.e. how many years has the conference been ongoing)
Attachment 4c: Conference Organizers
Attachment 4d: Previous Conference Publication/Proceedings
Attachment 5: Recommendation letter from the adviser endorsed by the Chancellor/Dean/Head of the Institute/Adviser
Attachment 6: Details of financial assistance3 (e.g. amount, coverage, proposed utilization)

Please make sure that the signatories of the application are in one page.


For round-trip economy air tickets, the applicant/grantee must travel to and from the Philippines.

The grant can only be given to the same person every other year i.e. if granted January 2017, the previous grantee’s application can be considered for the grant on January 2019.


1. The CU shall nominate only one application for a specific conference. If there are two or more applications from the same Institution for the same conference, only one candidate should be endorsed by the CU to OIL/OVPAA considering the field of specialization, theme of the conference, etc. In the case of co-authored papers, only one author should be endorsed by the CU for the grant.

2. The financial assistance shall be provided directly to the applicant thru his/her CU.

3. It will be the applicant’s responsibility to make his/her travel arrangements i.e. visa, foreign exchange permit, ticket, etc.

4. Within one month after the return from the conference/seminar, the grantee shall submit: a. A conference organizer’s certification or proof that the beneficiary (name) presented the approved paper during the conference. b. Liquidation report with accompanying attachments (see List of Requirements) for the utilization of the grant and travel report (see Annex A: Travel Grant Report Form). Hard copies of these reports must be submitted to our office and the soft copies must be submitted via e-mail at oil@up.edu.ph.

Application Process:

Step 1: Register the original research from which the paper was based with RGAO at http://rgao.upm.edu.ph/registration

Step 2: Submit the signed hard copy of the application form to RGAO

Step 3: RGAO will forward it to the department for Department Chair’s endorsement

Step 4: Department will forward it to the Dean for second endorsement

Step 5: Application form will be returned to RGAO for VCR’s endorsement

Step 6: RGAO will forward it to the Chancellor for final endorsement

Step 7: Once signed, RGAO submit application to OVPAA. A scanned copy of the submitted form and submission receipt will be emailed to the applicant.

Step 8: RGAO will monitor it and notify applicant once approved.

Grant Release:

Check will be addressed to faculty involved. The currency of funds to be given will be in Philippine Peso. 100 % upon approval, prior to conference

Responsibilities after Fund-Grant:

  1. Submission of report, including receipts, copy of program, abstract as printed in 5
    program and copy of poster/powerpoint with name of presentor and title
  2. Liquidation of expenses, including official receipts, boarding passes, etc.

Liquidation Requirements

  • Authority to Travel (for UP Employee only)
  • Itinerary of Travel signed by the Dean
  • Copies of the letter of invitation, program and registration form
  • Certificate of appearance/attendance/seminar participation/list of participants
  • Certificate of travel completed signed by the grantee and the Dean – Travel report with full name and signature
  • Boarding pass (in case of lost, submit certificate of travel from the Airline) – Summary of expenses in Philippine Peso with corresponding conversion rate used Please use the Selling Rate from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Online Exchange Rate dated to your first day of arrival. Each individual expense should be recorded as one entry.
  • Arrange the receipts according to your summary of expenses (must be original official receipts) a. Hotel Accommodation information and Official Receipt (if included in the grant) b. Airline Official Receipt c. Terminal Fee Official Receipt d. Official receipts for other expenses (meals, transportation) A copy of the certificate of appearance will do but we will need originals and photocopies of boarding passes and all official receipts/sales invoices declared in the details of financial assistance. Due to the sheer volume of documents we are processing, our office will only accept them once they are complete. This will greatly help save time, effectively manage the records and facilitate the process.