Q: How do I register my research with RGAO?

A: You may register your research by completing the online form at You will receive an RGAO registration certificate with the RGAO reference number for your research via email after One (1) working day to acknowledge your registration.

Q: Do I still need to register my research with RGAO even if it will not undergo UPMREB/IACUC review?

A: Yes, all researches conducted/ to be conducted in the University and/or by University staff (including faculty, students, REPS, and PGH employees, residents/ fellows) should be registered. These include all research regardless of area or topic, design or methodology, or funding source (e.g. case reports, meta-analysis, systematic review, creative work).

Q: Can I still register ongoing and completed researches?

A: Yes, you may still register ongoing and completed researches. You may register your researches at any point in the research process: Research protocol is ready for review;

  • Research is to be started;
  • Ongoing research;
  • Research is completed and the report is final;
  • Research has been accepted for presentation in a local or international meeting;
  • Research has been accepted for publication/ is published; and
  • Research work results in a patentable product.