Payment of staff

Q: How do I claim my salary?

A: You can go to this link for the details

Q: Can all the details in my COS be typewritten so I can lessen the chance of mistakes/erasures?

A: Everything can be typewritten except for the I hereby part. That portion should be handwritten.

Q: I made a mistake while writing on my COS/AR, can I erase it?

A: No. Based on Memo Order No. CCDP-2017-055, Project Contract Forms and Certificate of Service must be free of erasures and/or corrections. Generally, official forms should be free from erasures.

Q: What if I want to hire an additional staff but the position is not in the LIB or the position is only for 1 person?

A: You have to realign your budget & request for the approval of your funding agency.

Q: What should be the date of the PCF?

A: The date is usually the start date of the implementation of the project.

Q: What position and salary should I write in my in the PCF?

A: It should be the given position and salary in the research project. Note that this position should be the same with the items found in your LIB.

Q: Are electronic signatures of staff allowed in COS and Accomplishment Reports?

A: Original signatures are required. However, e-signatures are now allowed for the contractees caught in an unusual situation, but should be signed by the Project Leader in wet ink.

Q: Can I pay for the salary of my staff and ask for its reimbursement?

A: No. Salaries & honoraria of project staff should be paid directly through UPM. Their salaries will be transferred to their DBP accounts.