In the interest of fully complementing the human resources and institution needs and requirements of the industry, energy, and emerging technology research and development sectors, making the opportunity available to the great majority, PCIEERD implements the Human Resources Development Program which aims to:

a.) Develop and enhance Filipino research and development (R&D) capabilities of academic/research institutions and Department of Science and Technology (DOST) agencies through degree programs, conduct of research activities, and expert mobility in the industry, energy and emerging technology sectors in order to meet the present and future human resource requirements; and

b.) encourage Filipino researchers to be more productive researchers by providing support for disseminating their research outputs in the industry, energy and emerging technology sectors in local and international conferences, fora and similar events.

Who can apply: PCIEERD HRDP Research Dissemination

Presentation of Scientific Outputs in Conferences, Symposia, Fora and Seminars –

This covers support to researchers, faculty, and other S&T personnel of academic and research institutions for presentation of research results in refereed scientific/technical conferences, fora, seminars, trainings and workshops.

Publication of Scientific/Research Papers in Scientific/Technical Journals –

This covers support to researchers, faculty, and other S&T personnel of academic and research institutions for the publication of research results in refereed scientific/technical journals and related publications. Conduct of Conferences, Seminars and Workshops –

This covers support for technical conferences, seminars and workshops aimed at promotion and dissemination of research outputs in PCIEERD’s identified R&D priority areas. Research Fellowship

Visiting Expert Program –

This is open to institutions needing faculty/experts from another institution who possess the required expertise not available in the host/requesting institution.

Research Attachment –

This is open to BS, MS and PhD students or degree holders, or existing project staff or researcher of an ongoing PCIEERD-funded or -monitored project, in the science and engineering sectors, who need to conduct their research in a host institution, including foreign universities and research institutions to avail of the host institution’s facilities and research expertise.

Research Capability Building

Researchers on Industry, Energy Emerging Technologies –

Opening Opportunities for Learning (RIEETOOL) –

This covers support for development of skills and knowledge aligned with the PCIEERD priority sectors.

This is open to

a) researchers, scientists and engineers (RSEs) from academic and research institutions for attendance to specialized training; and

b) academic or research institutions for conduct of specialized training.

Providing Resources, Opportunities and Support for Project-based PErsonnel and Researchers (PROSPPER) –

This covers assistance for graduate scholarship of project personnel for PCIEERD-funded and monitored projects for the conduct and completion of their graduate degrees while gaining research experience in the said project/s.


This is open to BS and graduate (MS/PHD) students who will conduct research projects directed towards developing emerging technologies and exploring innovations in the PCIEERD sectoral priority areas such as, but not limited to, materials research, electronics and applied physics. The grant is an outright research subsidy which will finance expenses for testing and analysis fees specifically in the use of any of the equipment in the identified DOST- and DOST-funded facilities, centers and laboratories, e.g. ADMATEL, EPDC, etc.