Call for Proposals: 2023 Manila Economic and Cultural Office-Taipei Economic Cultural Office (MECO-TECO) Joint Research Project Call for Proposals

We are pleased to announce that the 2023 MECO-TECO Call for Proposals is now open. In pursuit of cooperation between the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) of Taiwan, we are calling for mutually beneficial and collaborative project proposals in any of the following identified priority areas:

• Virology
• Artificial Intelligence
o Biomedicine
o Smart Farming
o Unmanned Vehicle Systems
o Disaster Risk Reduction
o Smart Cities (gov’t services)
o Transportation
• Green Technologies
o Innovative Renewable Energy Technologies
o Low Carbon Technologies
o Green Architecture
o Marine Blue Carbon
• Nutritional Genomics
• Nanotechnology
• Materials Informatics
• Quantum Computing
• Antimicrobial Resistance
• Biotechnology for Livestocks
• Robotics
• Intelligent Manufacturing

The modes of cooperation include joint research/study, exchange of scientists/technical experts, capacity building, scientific and technical access to facilities, provision of professional services, organization of scientific conferences, symposia, training courses, and workshops and exhibitions and the Sandwich Scholarship Program (SSP).

Submission of Capsule Proposals (for DOST & NSTC) February 15, 2023

Interested parties are advised to coordinate with prospective counterparVcollaborator in Taiwan to craft the capsule proposals. The Filipino researcher must submit the capsule proposal to the respective DOST Council while the Taiwanese counterpart will submit the same to NSTC for review and evaluation. Only capsule proposals that are endorsed for further submission of full-blown proposals will undergo technical review and possible approval by both DOST and NSTC.

The necessary DOST-GIA forms for capsule proposal submissions may be downloaded at http:// For further inquiries, you may contact Ms. Andrea Velasquez-Agapito of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for International Cooperation. at Tel. No.: +632-8-838-8376 or email at / (cc: oasec
Thank you.