Day: October 5, 2022

Call for Full Proposals for Funding by the UPM-NIH Faculty Research Grant 2023

We are pleased to announce that research proposals for funding for the fiscal year 2023 are now being accepted by the Office of the Executive Director, National Institutes of Health. A research grant of up to P500,000.00 each shall be given to deserving research projects to fund personnel services and operating expenses. The proposals shall be evaluated based on relevance and scientific merit subject to appropriate ethical clearance.

The priority areas for research are based on the NUHRA 2017-2022, as follows:

  1. Responsive health systems: Health governance, health financing, access to essential medical products/vaccines and technologies, health information systems, health service delivery, health human resources, health economics, health research management;
  2. Research to enhance and extend health lives: adolescent health, communicable diseases, environmental health, maternal, newborn and child health, mental health, non-communicable diseases, nutrition, oral health, reproductive health;
  3. Holistic approaches to health and wellness: Filipino traditional and complementary medicine, determinants of health, halal in health, health behaviors;
  4. Health resiliency: accidents and injuries, climate change, disaster risk reduction and health emergencies, emerging and re-emerging diseases, environmental threats to health, occupational health and migration;
  5. Global competitiveness and innovation in health: diagnostics, drug discovery and development, functional foods, information and communication technologies for health, biomedical products and engineering, OMIC technologies; and
  6. Research in equity and health: disability, gender, geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas, geriatric case, HIV/AIDS and other STIs, indigenous peoples, substance abuse, violence, other vulnerable populations.

The research proposals from these projects should aim for publication in an ISI or peer-reviewed journal. In addition, proposals from researchers with outstanding obligations related to their previous NIH research projects will not be accepted.

To apply for the grant, kindly comply with the requirements:

  1. Register your research with the Research Grants Administration Office by completing the online form at (if not yet registered).
  2. Send electronic copies (Word and PDF files) of the full proposal (formatted according to the accompanying guideline) with a detailed line item budget (personnel services and maintenance, operating and other expenses only) to
  3. Endorsement letter from the unit head, institute director, department chair, or dean of the academic unit.

Please submit your application on or before 15 November 2022.

For inquiry, please coordinate with Ms. Katrina Mañago of the Office of the Deputy Director for Research Operations at Room 109, NIH Bldg., UP Manila or call at 8526-4349 or email