UPM Institutional Biosafety and Biosecurity Committee (UPM-IBBC)

A Biosafety Officer per college/department reviews protocols involving potentially biohazardous materials and decides to approve in his/her level or to submit the protocol for committee review.  Only then will the researcher submits the reviewed protocol in IBBC Forms 1 (accomplished by the proponents/researchers) and 2 (accomplished by the laboratory manager) to the NIH-IMBB Central Lab for issuance of the certificate/clearance.  The IBBC clearance/certificate is signed by the over-all chair of the committee once the protocol is approved. For inquiries, you may contact the UPM IBBC Secretariat at 218-2659 or email them at upm.ibbc@gmail.com.

Here are the types of researches that requires IBBC review: *

  • Human or animal blood, body fluids or tissues and other potentially infectious materials
  • Any transgenic animal or plants
  • Use of rDNA and other Genomic Editing Technologies (CRISPR Cas9)
  • Any biological agent in Risk Group 2, 3, or 4
  • Toxins (of biological origins)
  • Vectors

*Researches with PI’s affiliated in UP Manila and will be conducted in UP Manila.
*Researches with PI’s affiliated in UP Manila and will be conducted outside UP Manila.

IBBC Forms: