How to Apply for an SDO Designation

  1. The Researcher prepares a request letter for designation as SDO for a specific research project for the approved duration specified in the protocol or Memorandum of Agreement/Clinical Trial Agreement. The supporting documents to be attached to the letter are the following:
    • Approved Line-Item Budget
    • Memorandum of Agreement or Clinical Trial Agreement between the University and the Sponsor
    • Cash Flow for Two Months
    • Sworn Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth
    • General Form 57(A)
    • General Form 58(A)
    • List of Accountable Public Officers (for new applicants)
    • List of Bonded Officers (for renewal)
    • Certificate of No Pending Case (requested through UIS of the person to be designated)
  2. The request letter is endorsed by the Dean/Director, the Vice Chancellor for Research and/or the Vice Chancellor for Administration, and approved by the Chancellor.
  3. Once the request has been approved, it will be forwarded to the Human Resource Development Office for drafting of the Administrative Order (AO).
  4. The AO will be signed by the Chancellor and forwarded back to the unit.
  5. The unit will pay the fidelity bond that corresponds to the amount of the cash accountability directly to the Bureau of Treasury, located at Soriano Ave., Intarmuros, Manila (see Revised Schedule of Premium Rates below). The unit will need to bring the following documents:
    • Approved application for bond (General Form No. 57(A) and 58(A))
    • Copy of the Administrative Order for designation as SDO
  6. Once bond has been paid, the Researcher will receive a Confirmation Letter containing the name of the SDO, the Risk Number, Approved Amount of Bond and Effective Date. This document is attached to all subsequent requests for cash advance.
  7. Once the bond has been paid, the Researcher can now request for a cash advance equal to the amount of his/her cash accountability.

The bond needs to be renewed yearly, before the date of its anniversary, otherwise the bond is automatically cancelled.

Next step: Payment of Bond Premium

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