UPM Institutional Animal Care Use for Research Committee


The University of the Philippines Manila recognizes the ethical and legal responsibilities when using animals in research and instruction thus require that faculty, researchers, staff and students, use appropriate care, wisdom and humaneness when deciding on the need for animals, the choice of species, and the number of animals, for research and instruction. In order to promote the humane care and use of animals, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is mandated with the responsibility for ensuring adherence to appropriate University and national and international policies and regulations.

Compliance to this policy allows the University in fulfilling its ethical and legal obligations to regulatory agencies. It is not intended to limit the freedom of faculty, staff and students, but rather to assist them in conducting research and training of the highest quality, and in adhering to the highest professional standards of their disciplines.

Submission of Protocol for IACUC Review

  1. The researcher should register his/her proposal to RGAO through this link: http://rgao.upm.edu.ph/registration
  2. Once registered, the researcher should submit the accomplished IACUC Animal Use Form to IACUC secretariat staff, the IACUC panel will evaluate the proposal.
  3. The IACUC secretariat will inform the researcher for the decision in his/her protocol and will be released by RGAO.
  4. The RGAO will release the IACUC decision letter to the Researcher, upon confirmation of the review fee payment. If the review fee has not been paid the RGAO shall withhold the release of the decision letter and assist the Researcher in facilitating the payment of the fee.