Project Procurement Management Plan

Project Procurement Management Plan (PPMP) – refers to the procurement plan of a specific program/project/activity (PAP) of the agency of which the procuring entity (the research proponents) should be preparing along with the project’s Line-item budget.

The significance of which is for the agency to include the procurement of equipment for research and development in the Annual Procurement Plan (APP) and will have an allocation in the budget plan.

The end-user units of the procuring entity shall prepare their respective PPMP for their different programs, activities, and projects (PAPs). The PPMP shall include:

  1. Information on whether PAPs will be contracted out, implemented by administration in accordance with
  2. The guidelines issued by the GPPB, or consigned;
  3. The type and objective of contract to be employed;
  4. The extent/size of contract scopes/packages;
  5. The procurement methods to be adopted, and indicating if the procurement tasks are to be outsourced;
  6. The time schedule for each procurement activity and for the contract implementation; and
  7. The estimated budget for the general components of the contract. (Paragraph 7.3.2, Section 7, Rule II of the IRR of RA 9184)